• Control

    your inputs for uniformity

Gaining Control of the comprehensive mixing for the various inputs into a ration ensures a balanced composition so that each output is identified and exact.

At AFSystems, we offer a range of controlling technologies that are suited to a variety of applications.  Some of the things we consider include the feed commodities being used, mixing action, mixing time, mixing sequence and accuracy of adding each ingredient.

Let us manage  the Ag, Food or Seed handling process by automating your equipment.

AFS puts together fully automated systems using top quality equipment and components made by trusted suppliers such as Intech (Italy) & DOL Batching Systems. New technologies allows us to provide advanced new systems for traditional agricultural businesses, as well as new and emerging industries that may not have previously considered the value of such turnkey solutions.

AFS is also a sole Australian agent for DOL SENSORS and we continue to carry a range of stock to fulfil the replacement of parts as required.