High performance



AFSystems- formerly known as Australian Feeding Systems has been in operation for over 30 years specialising in material conveying.

We offer our customers a wide range of services and products. Our aim is to provide our customers with a grain delivery system that is well planned, competitive priced, robust with back up service and spare parts.

For this reason we have sourced the world to find different types of feed conveying systems that will meet our clients requirements. The companies we deal with have over 40 years each of manufacturing and technical expertise behind them. With some of them now competing in the 24/7 world of industrial conveying.

Discover our suite of milling and grain processing solutions that can address most agricultural and food processing requirements. 

Learn more about a our conveying technologies that can be applied to allow for various inputs and outputs into  rations which ensures accuracy in portion control for your animal feed or stock product for the required intake of each ingredient.   

See our range of equipment to help you automate your system to provide greater accuracy in portion controls and allow your business to become more efficient and economical in processing practices.

Product Management Solutions .

Our core business initially was established in Agriculture. The reliability and quality of our equipment has now seen many other industries, such as Breweries, Food and Manufacturing Industries see the benefits that our systems from Milling to Distribution can provide. We aim to stay at the cutting edge of technology and growth sectors, to ensure we transform side by side with all industries.


What is it you need to achieve, and how do we break it down into stages? Every business is different – and so are the solutions that will make your business more efficient, more cost effective and more profitable.

AFSystems will supply, install, design, and assemble electrical hardware and automated technology needs onsite, all tailored to your requirements. We have seen and experienced finding solutions for many types of breakdowns and have yet to come across a scenario where we couldn’t get you up and running to keep you operational – which is very important when dealing with livestock.

Turnkey projects

Crush, Convey, Control: build a new plant, decommission the old, integrate and go!

AFSystems currently works on several turnkey projects each year. While we have primarily worked with dairies for the past 30 years, there are a number of growth areas such as breweries, piggeries and the nut industry, all with the potential to start up in local agricultural areas. Contact us to discuss your project.