38mm (1.5″) Cable Drive Unit

The drive unit pulls the cable through the circuit. The pulling power is transmitted from the motor via a gear and the driving wheel to the cable.


  1. Friction Driving Wheel
  2. Automatic Cable tensioner
  3. Manual cable tensioner
  4. Tension fitting
  5. Tension Wheel
  6. Inductive Sensor
  7. Return Tube
  8. Tube Adapter

Driving wheel (1)
The unit is mounted with the patented friction driving wheel (1). Two special developed driving rings transmit the traction to the cable discs ensuring that the cable is not worn even with worn driving rings.

Cable tension device (2 & 3)
The drive unit has both manual and automatic cable tensioning device. Tension is made by means of a spring loaded tension device (5).

Rotation control (5 & 6)
The rotation control consists of a tension device, an inductive sensor (6) and an electronic control unit. By measuring the cable speed, the rotation control constantly controls the operation of the unit. If the cable is too slack or is blocked, the rotation control will stop the system immediately.