Batch weighers are used to record weight of material entering and leaving storage. Smaller models are used for mixing and feeding installations. They can be used for the weighing of cereals and other granular materials up to a particle size of 15 mm (5/8 in). Twin Compartment Weighers are ideal for use on mobile seed cleaning Plants.


  • Modular Design – Enables incorporation into conveying systems.
  • Reliability – Robust but simple construction.
  • Range of Materials – Used for weighing cereals and other granular material with particles up to 15mm.
  • Mechanical Counter – Reliable 7 digit counter standard.


The batch weighers operate on a continuous batch weighing principle, in which the material flows constantly through the weigher at a given capacity.

Weighing is based on establishing a balance between the batch of the material and the weigher’s fixed weight. This ensures optimum accuracy, irrespective of the material being weighed.

Note: All weighers should be checked for accuracy on a regular basis. Weighers not suitable for fine meal or similar materials which bridge easily.

The weigher should have, at least, a capacity equal to other equipment involved in the installation.

batch weigher pick up 75mm flex auger 2


Twin-compartment Weighers

  • KA10 – 8 Tonne / Hour
  • KA25 – 15 Tonne / Hour
  • KA50 – 25 Tonne / Hour

Twin Compartment Weighers are suitable for mixing and feeding installations. They are extensively used by mobile seed cleaning operators throughout Australia, being suited to pickled grain. They are also used in Pellet Batching Plants.

The KA10 can be fitted with an inlet control shutter.

Single compartment Weighers

  • B50 – 27 Tonne / Hour
  • B100 – 40 Tonne / Hour

The single compartment weighers combine greater accuracy (+/-0.5%) with high capacity. A facility incorporated in the machine simplifies check weighing and calibration. The weighers can be linked to system controlling batch weighing.